Host your Wedding at Story!

We believe the Story Inn to be Indiana’s most desirable place for any special event large and small. Story is a historic 19th century village with immaculately tended gardens, surrounded by forest and fields with grazing horses. Here you can enjoy elegant food, music, and drink in unparalleled natural beauty.

To book your wedding, call 812-988-2273 and ask for Lisa Morrison, Director of Events and Catering; e-mail Lisa at or call her cell at 812-361-8023.

Reception Venues

The Barn.  We believe this to be the premier wedding venue in Brown County.  We can accommodate up to 80 people inside the Barn, and parties up to 300 outside the Barn (with the back side of the Barn serving as a stage).  The Story Inn’s barn is a favorite place for weddings and wedding receptions, banquets, plays, poetry readings, lectures, meetings, family reunions, dances, and private catered events, and also serves as the focal point for the Indiana Wine Far and the Hoosier Hops & Harvest. 

This weather-beaten veteran of Brown County's agricultural past has recently been structurally fortified to guarantee its survival for another century and a half, and sits a beautiful three acre valley surrounded by forest.  The inside is weather-protected, but not well insulated, and thus cannot reliably hold off the ravages of winter.  Ergo, we do not recommend the Barn December through February. 

Not far from the barn is a carefully tended herb garden which supplies our gourmet restaurant. In the spring, hundreds of daffodils and day lilies shoot from the turf, to complement the riot of red buds and dogwoods in the forest. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are subject to a noise ordinance which requires that we turn off amplified outdoor music late at night.  Please consult with our wedding manager about this restriction. 

The Porch. This all-weather addition overlooks the patio and stone Grill, and will hold 40 people. A set of double doors separates your group from the main restaurant, assuring convenience and privacy.  This spacing is used by our for our restaurant business and is only available as a private venue Monday - Thursdays, and other days as our restaurant business allows.  

The Old Mill. The 19th century grain mill next to the Story Inn's General Store is a perfect place for all-weather parties for up to 35 people. This remarkably well-preserved tin-roofed, clapboard edifice still has the original grain milling equipment in place!  In 2005, we renovated the interior of this remarkable building with pine paneling from locally-harvested trees, cut into lumber onsite and dried in our own barn, making it our most attractive and unique indoor dining facility. We offer a full range of menu items in the Old Mill, which your group can enjoy in privacy, come snow, rain, heat, or night.  In 2013, we placed a century-old grand piano downstairs.   

Other Venues of Interest

The Story Still. We call the area in the basement of the General Store the “Story Still” which is a double entendre referencing the enduring and unchanging character of Story and the area’s colorful history of producing bathtub gin. Brown County Sheriff Clarence Moore made local headlines when he confiscated a wood-fired still at Story in 1932. On August 4, 2009, the skies over Story, Indiana opened, and belched forth nearly eight inches of rain, flooding our venerable tavern with muddy creek water, silt, small amphibians and forest flotsam. In the month following the flood, we rebuilt the bar, employing timbers, siding and rusting tin metal cannibalized from a local century-old barn, with bar stools fashioned from old tractor seats. Though the Still is, functionally, a tavern, great ideas oftentimes emerge on the back of a cocktail napkin. It’s a great place to retire after dinner.

Other Areas. We also offer smaller, intimate rooms for more informal gatherings.  A few of our cottages offer a great space for small meeting or bridal showers.  The Wheeler Homestead Back, a classic Vernacular structure, has a large living room, full kitchen, and large outdoor deck, enabling it to accommodate 15 people comfortably. The Schultz Haus Front has a comfortable living room, porch and kitchenette.  The Old Mill Loft has a large, open living room also perfect for informal gatherings. 


We eschew “packages” preferring to customize each wedding to meet your palate or specific needs. As a general rule, we offer buffet-style dining to groups of 50 or more people. 

In the event your wedding party is 15 or fewer, you may wish to simply order off our dinner menu and wine and beer list.


Let us sweat the details! We do coordinate most additional items and services: tents, tables & chairs, linens, set up and clean up! Our event manager can also make arrangements for your cake, ice sculpture, flowers, custom decorations, DJ, band, photographer, video, and carriage rides (rides offered downtown Nashville only) if you desire.

We can also suggest how you can have an elegant wedding within your budget.  For example, we can often provide discounts  if you are willing to schedule your event on a Sunday or weekday, or during the off-season.

Call (812) 988-2273, and ask for Lisa Morrison, Director of Events and Catering.  Consultations are free and by appointment only.  You may also reach Lisa directly at:, or by cell phone: (812) 361-8023. 

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